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 [GM Yuuto] My daily update

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GM Yuuto

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PostSubject: [GM Yuuto] My daily update   Sun Apr 11, 2010 1:49 am

For those who want to know my progress, I've had some issues on my network as of April 1st until April 10th with my ISP (Qwest/AT&T); So, I'm switching over to comcast business class since my home is also used for business work (web design / etc)

I have quite a bit of work and school is relatively taking up my schedule of the week; however, as of April 10th, I'll be available more often in the evening and will be able to do events constantly if there are more than 7 players online.

If anyone have any complaints or suggestions, please refer to Admin Ace for more information.

Things I am working on while I was away - *wrote this all on a piece of paper in src/script format*

Socket Enchant NPC (Version 1.5a)
Change Log:
-Fixed a few customs that were mistyped in the script
-> example: Used a Succubus Wings & got a Headprotector lightning(1)
-Added the donation list of customs
-Added the [2] Options
-Added the [3] Options
Alchemy Sprite System (Version .8beta)
Change Log:
- Added in Round 1,2,3,4, & 5 items
- Added in Catalyst
- Increased Zeny Requirement(cost) per Magic Clay
- Changed Success rate

Things to come:
VS Defender(Beta)(Automatic event that occurs 3 times a day)
Change Log:
- Adding in MvP's
- New Dungeon Access
- Customizing Mutated MvP (Overpowered MvP)
- Only Identify Party ONLY
- Max Players is 20
Dungeon Finder(Beta)
Change Log:
- Will be added in as an item where it'll open a menu list of players online and allowing to put yourself on a list for a party quest/dungeon (Tank, Healer, DPS). Once the party is assembled with at least 5, you'll be teleported into the customized mutated dungeon.
- Fixed warped command
- Fixed location
- Fixed NPC commands
- Added broadcast
- Added exp / drop bonuses
- Added rewards at finish of the quest
-> Edited rewards (from 45m zeny to a formula (LV*JOBLV*1000z), from 36k zeny to a formula (LV*JOB*750 exp)(LV*JOB*500 job exp)(Receive a dungeon satchel item that gives you a random custom headgear/wing)
More coming soon.....

I'll keep this post updated so be sure to check in with me or Admin Ace.

Again, I'll be available online from 10PM - 2AM (-8:00GMT) on saturday night.

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PostSubject: Re: [GM Yuuto] My daily update   Tue Apr 20, 2010 3:07 pm

yuuto I'm glad that you're doing big things for this server, but where are you at man?!
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GM Yuuto

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PostSubject: Re: [GM Yuuto] My daily update   Sun Apr 25, 2010 1:45 am

I'm actually coding a new mmo game that runs on the same graphics as aion. So far, I've been behind on scripting the server here and will be on the weekends (if possible) every 2 weeks whenever I can because I'm also going to school. I've also just recently moved out of my girlfriends place and trying to make some time somewhere to get internet while studying.

Eventually, I'll get a place to get online frequently, but at the moment, I"m struggling but please look forward to the projects to be finished.

I've also added a new project that i'm working on my test server.
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PostSubject: Re: [GM Yuuto] My daily update   

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[GM Yuuto] My daily update
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