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 Guide on how to report scammers,hackers,etc.

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PostSubject: Guide on how to report scammers,hackers,etc.   Tue Mar 30, 2010 10:54 am

Well, this isn't really a guide but please REMEMBER ALL of the following when posting a report.
(Optional) Include a screenshot of the hacker/impersonator/whatsoever (this is optional but if u want us to deal with your case faster, please include a screenshot.
(Required) Story must be summarized to the shortest possible things, please don't include lols,lmaos in ur post when reporting a scammer, also please be detailed on the story.
(Required) You must post the name of ur character and the name of the character who hacked/impersonated.
Have fun AceROing!
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Guide on how to report scammers,hackers,etc.
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