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 Donation is now up!

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PostSubject: Donation is now up!   Sat Feb 27, 2010 5:53 am

Why donate?
By donating, you're supporting the costs of running this server and maintaining it. In return, you will be rewarded donation credits which you can use to buy donation-exclusive items.
Donation Ways:
Western Union
Paypal(easiest and safest way)
How to donate using Western Union:
Western Union Money Transfer

Western Union has branches all over the Philippines as well as in other Countries abroad. This is a very easy way of sending money for Philippine or International donations. Be advised that they charge 65PhP for 1000PhP and 120php every 2,000PhP Money Transfers/Donations. Also, they will require you to be 18yrs old to send money. If you you're younger, simply bring someone along with you that has a Valid ID and at least 18yrs of age.

a) For lists of Western Union branches nearest your location visit the link and do a location search in their website.

b) Go to any WESTERN UNION branch and talk to the clerk in charge. Just tell the clerk you want to send money by "money transfer by western union" then you will be given a FORM to fill-up. Put in your NAME, ADDRESS, AMOUNT and SEND the money to:

Receiver's Name: Jesus SP. Ching Jr.
Receiver's Location: Panacan , Davao City

c) Bring a VALID ID and simply show to the agent clerk for proof of identification if ever asked. If less than 18 yrs of age, just bring someone along that is 18yrs old and has a valid ID.

d) Give the agent clerk your filled-up FORM and the CASH. The clerk will then stamp, validate and sign all forms and give you a computer printout receipt. Get it then go home. That simple!

e) Your Western Union Computer Print Out Receipt is your 'proof' that you have sent money. Write your MAIN exact character name anywhere in the Receipt before scanning it. You may also take a picture of your Proof via webcam or cell phone. Be sure everything is readable.

f) Send via email ""


Email Subject: Western Union Donation

Real Full Name of Sender in the receipt

Your MAIN Character Name (EXACT, careful of the "L" & "i" also capital & small letters)

Location on where you have made the Transfer.

Amount sent

Date sent

g) The processing of your donation will begin once the email is received. We will then verify your money transfer with Western Union online or via phone call which will normally take just a few minutes and within the same day.

h) Once already processed, Email me.

Email me what items you want and I'll put it on your account.
How to donate using PayPal:
Go to our Control Panel and head over to the Donation Window on the left, and put in how much you want to donate, please be aware that minimum donation is $10 and also please take note that our conversion is $1=1 donation credit
Please email what you want to, Donation items that are available are down below.
Note: Every donation above $40 will have your credits doubled, so if you donated 80$, you can get 160 credits instead of only 80 credits, Have fun!
5 donation credits:Field Manual 300% Box ( 5 pcs )
10 donation credits:You get a MVP Card of your choice.
15 donation credits:You get a god item of your choice. (Example is: Megingjard,Brisingamen,Sleipnir,Aesprika,Brynhildr)
20 donation credits:You get a Custom Item of your choice.
50 donation credits:You get a battlefield weapon(4 slotted)
Donation Custom Item List:
Ace Spirit
Akatsuki Suit
Black Sakkat Bamboo
Black Usakoring Hat
Blue Fairy
Blue Sakkat Bamboo
Blue Usakoring Hat
Cyan Sakkat Bamboo
Cyan Usakoring Hat
Gold Sakkat Bamboo
Gold Usakoring Hat
Green Usakoring Hat
Iced Wings
Lighthalzen Aura
Purple Sakkat Bamboo
Purple Usakoring Hat
Red Sakkat Bamboo
Red Usakoring Hat
Runes Of Power
Sakkat Bamboo
Usakoring Hat
White Sakkat Bamboo
White Usakoring Hat
Love Angel
Purple Aura
Wind Angel
Dragon Of Fire
Dragon Shenron
Goddess Of Life
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PostSubject: Re: Donation is now up!   Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:41 pm

so if i donate $40, will i get 80 donate points?
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PostSubject: Re: Donation is now up!   Thu Mar 04, 2010 1:32 pm

aw.. we from philippines will get owned by those who donates and its unfair on our side, coz our curency is $1 = 46pesos
why not just also include these items from quests so that its kinda fair... anyone from philippines would probably complain about donation price because we are just poor
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PostSubject: Re: Donation is now up!   Thu Mar 04, 2010 5:35 pm

agreed to noyallen

why make a other charge for philippine currency

if $1=1credit internationally

make a difference charge in local charges like


just to be fair. pinoy doesnt have much moneys

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PostSubject: Re: Donation is now up!   Thu Mar 04, 2010 5:40 pm

seriously malaysians aint that rich either but its the sacrifice that counts.if say your into a hobby that involves money let say photography, the money you spend on it is based on your interest in the thing you do.if you REALLY like online game and you dont mind spending money on it, go ahead.if you really wanna donate but dont have the money, you can work for it.but im not willing to donate actually xD cause i manage to pawn GM Minty with no donates XD
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PostSubject: Re: Donation is now up!   Thu Mar 04, 2010 5:55 pm

to above post: pssshhh only beat me cause i wasnt paying attention and didnt realise u stripped my gear ahaha /sadface

and yesh to what parody said. Donation is not mandatory meaning no one is forcing you to donate just doing so will have its benefits
and will help to keep the server up and help pay the cost to run this awesome place. We know it may be a few penny of yours to do so
but think of the admin who has to pay the 100% of the bills and anyway, donators shall not be over powered by gears.

GM Minty
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PostSubject: Re: Donation is now up!   Thu Mar 04, 2010 6:12 pm

Yes, parody, you will get 80 credits. By donating, you are helping the server to be maintained and to help it stay alive for alot of time. O_O; We DO NOT FORCE you to donate, it is only optional.
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PostSubject: Re: Donation is now up!   

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Donation is now up!
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